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Bringing together the best people with the best technology to help our clients build better, more profitable customer relationships continues to fuel growth here at Sutherland Global Services. We are always looking for motivated candidates to join our winning team.

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Customer Lifecycle Management Services

Our customer lifecycle management services focus on the management of our clients’ customers’ lifecycle and help our clients increase revenue, expand margins, improve working capital management, increase customer satisfaction and reduce churn, and help improve overall competitive differentiation. The following summarizes the customer lifecycle management services that we currently provide to our clients:

Customer Care

Twenty years of experience has enabled us to assemble all the elements required to delivery high quality customer care efficiently and effectively. Sutherland builds and offers multi-channel customer care solutions via telephone, email, chat or web self-service to provide solutions that focus on improved customer satisfaction and revenue retention. From pre-sales support to post-sales account coverage, Sutherland delivers cost effective services customized to each client’s needs. Sutherland uses a blended shore delivery model that allows clients to leverage delivery centers across strategic global locations in a virtual queue environment.

  • Pre-Sales Support
  • Post-Sales Account Coverage
  • Shipping/Delivery Inquiries
  • Insurance Claims Handling
  • Warranty Entitlement

Account Management
Sutherland’s Account Management services focus on the acquisition and retention of clients’ prospective and existing customer bases. Our Account Management solutions include forecasting processes and pipeline management that create a seamless extension of clients’ sales organizations and guarantee increases sales with measurable return on investments. Sutherland offers a unique knowledge-based service to effectively meet clients’ requirements for managing leads. Using its proprietary ezCLM automation tool, Sutherland had created the systems to process complex qualification questions and strategies that seamlessly integrate with clients’ sales organizations. Sutherland helps business-to-business companies increase sales productivity and marketing ROI, while lowering customer acquisition costs by offering unique set of demand generation services.

  • Customer Acquisition and Retention
  • Lead Qualification Processing
  • Sales Lead Management
  • Demand Generation

Technical Support

Sutherland’s approach to technical support is unique: become the experts and extend that knowledge across our programs in innovative ways. Sutherland built a PC Ecosystem support model that facilitates deep knowledge at all staffing levels and an ability to deliver results in the true spirit of partnership. Together, our approach and the results, has produced significant benefits to our clients.

  • Level 1, 2 and 3 Technical Support
  • Installation and Warranty Support, Warranty Upgrades
  • Analytics and Reverse Logistics Management

Sutherland’s unique approach to technical support yields better performance and successful relationships. A few of our innovative practices and why they matter include:

  • Agent Cross-Training & Program Rotation: Drives first call resolution, knowledge transfer across programs, and very high skilled-agent retention
  • “Wing-to-wing” Support Model: Supports an integrated knowledgebase
  • Systematic CSAT Measurement: Provides data used in refresher training and process evaluation/improvement
  • Assessment Screening (Sutherland’s proprietary recruiting model): Hiring appropriate candidates improves retention and thereby performance and costs
  • Global Quality System: Facilitates continuous improvement

Pay for Support

Sutherland Global Services’ Pay for Support Solution is a proven fee-based support delivery model for several Fortune 500 technology companies. We leverage that expertise to develop customized pay for support programs that respond to customers’ how-to questions, 3rd party questions, out-of-scope and/or post-warranty inquiries for a fee. It eliminates customer frustration and company expense resulting from consumers calling multiple times to various places when attempting to diagnosis and resolve an issue. Rather it is set-up as a one-stop shop for complete technical-issue resolution -- a Total Support Solution -- that turns waste calls into revenue generating calls.


Sutherland@Home is a home based outsourcing solution built on a virtual business model utilizing a national pool of home-based associates and supported by Sutherland’s robust and advanced technology infrastructure. Leveraging Sutherland’s two decades of Business Process Outsourcing experience and expertise Sutherland@Home can be utilized and customized to deliver Customer Life Cycle and Back Office Life Cycle Management solutions. Every Sutherland@Home engagement benefits from our cutting-edge technology, comprehensive reporting capabilities, high system availability and stringent security policies, as well as the advanced staffing and training techniques to deliver an unmatched customer experience and the kind of results that companies have come to expect from Sutherland Global Services. With Sutherland@Home as part of a RightSourced ™ off-shore, near-shore, onshore solution, clients from industries such as Technology, Retail, Communications, Healthcare, Travel & Hospitality and Banking & Financial Services are able to realize significant efficiencies in the areas of overall productivity, employee attrition, real estate expenses, training costs, work force management and overall quality of the workforce employed.